Khertanllan is the title of a book series that concludes in a country by the same name, also known as the United States of America. The series begins in ancient Greece, migrates to northern Europe, before making a final migration to an uninhabited land. Only, it was inhabited by other magick folk, some similar to themselves and some not, and also by small groups of mortals who had migrated to the land before them.

The Chronicles began in the year 390 CE, ordered by Goddess Sacreluci to record the progress made between the Amaras and a not-so-coincidental group of mortals, eight sets of kings and queens who would soon become enchanted immortals and migrate to Khertanllan.

Eight Amaras, Eight sets of Royals and Kingdoms, eight sets of chronicles and scribes, but only one charged with culminating them all into a master set of volumes ~ The Chronicles Of Khertanllan. The one whom no one knows.




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