Peacock_Shifter_0-Queen Talibah Zahrah

Hello, I’m pleased to meet you. My name is Queen Talibah Zahrah. My friends call me Zahrah. I was called upon by Goddess Sacreluci to record the knowledge I gathered on the interactions between her Opidiem Amaras and the mortals they were rescuing from the Romans.

On my planet, Vhet, the race of Aqua’Yurs had been hunted to near extinction. The last of my people, a mere twenty-three, blended into my kingdom’s flora. My king and all but a few of his warriors had succumbed to the Is’Sia army hunt. The beat of the army’s drums pounded in our hearts and in my mind. When Goddess Sacreluci appeared and proposed a service utilizing our shape-shifting skills and universal intelligence in exchange for relocation to a new planet. None in the circle turned down the offer and within the hour me and my people were placed under a veil of sleep for transport to a planet called Earth.

Per the agreement, the Aqua’Yurs would not shape-shift out of the peacock forms until I assigned a service. This was acceptable to my people because they preferred their fowl form, considering it the more beautiful form, and the easiest form to learn their new environment in. I was introduced to Pre-Eminent Amara Aurelaia, who was partially told my task and about my shape-shifting, but not my ability to become invisible and undetectable at will. One might assume me and Aqua’Yurs were not only scribes, but also spies for Goddess Sacreluci, and they would be right.

Why would a Goddess need spies? Because Goddess Sacreluci had many planets and races she attended to. But, she also wanted unbiased truth to combat the Realm of Astari with. She favored the Opidiem Amaras, especially Aurelaia, and was aware of the ever increasing control Astari was taking over Earth matters. Also, laws Astari was passing down that were edging out Sacreluci’s original plans for the Opidiems, and agreements with the other Deities when first arriving. The Goddess told me the Chronicles would become the most important resource in battling the realm if the need arise. My job was crucial.

First – she asked me to meet with each of the Amaras and chronicle their history going back to when they first got together leading up to migrating to northern Europe and rescuing Druids and magick folk from the Romans. Second – determine how some of my people might figure into this new society and confer with her first before finalizing any decisions I make about them. Also, not to let on to the Amaras, including Aurelaia, that there were others like myself. Third – Enjoy my new home and create a new kingdom for my people and me. I liked this last one the most, and so too did my people. I actually did this one first.




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